October Ipsy

Ipsy’s glam bag theme for October is “Alter Ego”, which is kind of interesting, but also made me nervous for what to expect. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the items I received last month, as there were 2 items that didn’t work for me at all, so I was hoping they would up their game just a little bit. Here’s what I received:
029 - October Ipsy 02

  1. Ayres Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream: My initial impression was that this product had an herbal-y smell, and that the consistency wasn’t thick enough. However, the smell grew on me, and the formula wasn’t greasy, so it quickly went in my purse!
  2. Leeanni Eco “Go Away Gloomy Day” Serum: I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but it’s an “all natural” product that you use after washing your face. I’ve really been loving the Pixi Glow Tonic that I raved about a couple week ago (read about it here) so I probably won’t be trying anything new for awhile.
  3. Coastal Scents Xpress Line Cosmetics Pencil: Ok…this product is extremely disappointing. It has like a retail value of $3 and when I tested this pencil on my hand, the consistency was really dry and I had to press really hard to get any pigmentation. I can’t imagine using this on my eyelid!
  4. Aurora Gel Effects Nail Polish: I’m excited to try this formula, but…I have like 2 other polishes in this exact shade already, so that’s kind of a bummer.
  5. theBalm Liquid Lipstick: This was one of the initial spoilers they released, and I was pleasantly surprised by this product…it applied well and dries matte. The shade is also less dramatic so I could see myself wearing it in the daytime. The one drawback is that it does emphasize any dryness on my lips, so I have to make sure to prep them beforehand.

029 - October Ipsy 01

Besides the eyeliner, the items were all pretty good and at least relevant to the profile I filled out. Also, I love the bag and that it has an opening at the top instead of on the side. I definitely wouldn’t say this was my best bag ever, but it was better than last month’s!

If you’re a subscriber, what did you think of this month’s glam bag? As always, thank you for reading!


7 thoughts on “October Ipsy

  1. Overall, I haven’t been super impressed with ipsy the past 2 months. My October bag only had 2 of the same products as yours: Nailpolish (liked well enough, but chips easily) and the Liquid Lipstick (way too dry for me). Meh.


  2. I really loved this months bag! My post will be up soon but I loved the liquid lipstick shade as well! I’ve yet to find a liquid lipstick that isn’t drying so I just try and prep my lips as much possible. Great review!


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