About me, and why I’m here


Like most residents of Minnesota, I yearn for Summer and dread Winter. However, the plus side of being in a state that has both ends of the weather spectrum is that you learn to truly appreciate every good-weather day. I take a similar approach to life, in that I believe we should embrace the highs and lows because both can be equally fleeting, but are ultimately better than the alternative of not having them at all.

Growing up, I simply wasn’t into things such as makeup, skincare, or even the clothes that I wore. As I’ve gotten older and realized how inept I am at any of the traditional artistic activities (lol), being able to put my best self forward has become one way that I can comfortably express myself. In this arena, I do believe that less is almost always more, and with time, we have the ability to turn our insecurities and doubts into something we are passionate about and want to share with others.

Blogging is a way for me to share my real life and thoughts with a visual spin, without fear or anticipation of immediate reactions as there would be via Facebook. This is meant to be a small step I take in better expressing myself, and I appreciate those who want to follow me on this journey.


14 thoughts on “About me, and why I’m here

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely welcome. You’ve got a great blog – I’m totally crushing on the makeup collection you’ve shown! Hope you have a great trip ☺️


  2. You’re a late bloomer and it’s totally fine! I learned makeup just recently and I thought, what have I been doing all these years? Why didn’t I learn makeup in my early 20s? But then the good thing with starting late is (let’s be honest) we have the financial freedom to afford all the makeup that we want! I’m following you and hope to read more from you, Nancy! Thanks love! x ❤︎ | LaineyLovesLife

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