First Birchbox – September.

I finally jumped on the Birchbox bandwagon, and just received my September box today! I’ll probably be receiving the October box soon, so I wanted to write about this as soon as possible. What convinced me to finally subscribe was this lipgloss freebie from MAKE beauty, which I received in the shade Azalea. It has a mint flavor to it, and the color looks bright pink in the tube but is actually quite wearable. I didn’t include it in the review below, since I considered it a one-time thing, and not really indicative of the actual box. Now let’s get to reviewing:

024 - Birchbox Sept 03 - Resized

  1. Tocca Giulietta Nourishing Body Scrub: I started to like Tocca after receiving a sample of their Cleopatra scent, so I was happy to see this brand as a completely different product. Although the scent for this body scrub is described as having apple and tulip notes, I wouldn’t say it smells that great. Pretty hard to describe, but hopefully it’s highly effective at exfoliating and moisturizing!
  2. Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir – Restore & Repair Oil: I have enough hair oils and serums to last me a lifetime, but this one has pretty great reviews on Birchbox so I’m excited to give it a try. The full-size is 2 oz and sells for $26 — This sample is 0.5 oz. so not too shabby!
  3. Air Repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer: I really wish the sample of this was a tad bit larger…The 2 oz retails for $20, and the sample I received was 0.25 oz…so the value is only $2.50. The product has a super strong scent, but it’s quite pleasant..I’ll probably use it tonight!
  4. Cynthia Rowley Creamy Lip Stain in Poppy: This is a pretty tiny sample, but the color is great and looks really natural when applied.
  5. Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris perfume sample: I like trying different perfumes, but I have so many scents I’m loving right now and would prefer to wear. Also, I think most people feel the same way as me about this — but I don’t think these perfume vials should count as a sample in a subscription box! But…the scent is really complex, kind of earthy and sweet, so I’m a fan. At least the vial is made of glass, lol.

I have to admit, these products really grew on me as I started looking into them more while writing this post. Initially when I opened my box, I figured since I was probably one of the last September subscriptions they sent out, they only had crappy products left on-hand, lol. The overall un-boxing experience, though, compared to Ipsy, is a tad classier in my opinion. No bubble wrap used to protect any of the products…just boxes and tissue paper.

024 - Birchbox Sept 02 - ResizedI know I’m super late in asking this, but what did you guys who subscribe to BB think of September’s box? I know a lot of people opted for the non-surprise, Customer Favorites box, so I’d love to hear if you decided to go for a surprise 🙂 Stayed tuned for October’s box!


11 thoughts on “First Birchbox – September.

  1. I received the same Tocca scrub in my September box! I agree, I was excited to try it because the pink tulip/green apple combo sounded like it would smell amazing, but it kind of had just a generic perfume smell, which is not what you’d expect from Tocca! Other than that, though, I really liked it – it’s a really nice exfoliator that wasn’t too harsh and left my skin super soft.


  2. Great post! I’ve been subscribed to josh for a couple months and have been looking into birchbox. I’m only looking to subscribe to 1 of these “beauty bags” which would you say is better?


    • Ahh I’ve been subbing to Ipsy for 3 months now and BB for 2 — I feel like you definitely get more makeup products (eyes, face, lips) from Ipsy and more skincare from BB. I haven’t had a month where I completely hated the items I received from either, but Ipsy was definitely amazing the first couple of months. Sorry this probably didn’t help a ton..but just go with one and I’m sure you’ll like it and then be tempted to try the other, lol.


      • That actually helps to know that BB focuses more on skincare thanks! I’ll definitely keep an eye on your BB reviews


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