December Birchbox

This will be my last post in for 2015, as I’m getting ready to to ring in the new year! This month’s Birchbox design was absolutely stunning to me, being reminiscent of winter, but not so much in the sense of your typical holiday season colors (contrary to the Ipsy bag design this month, which I love for different reasons). Unlike last month when I jumped at the opportunity to select the curated box, I didn’t preselect anything for this month since I wanted it to be a total surprise. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too excited about the items I received, so the box was almost my favorite thing.

  • MSC Skin Care Lavender and Bergamot Body Nectar: After I struggled multiple times to get this this product open, I was pretty disappointed in the smell since I’m not a huge fan of Lavender, and the word “Home” in its name gave me the initial impression that this could be used in a diffuser or something. I’m honestly just tired of receiving oils, whether it be for my face, body, or hair. So, needless to say, I won’t be using this product. It also has pretty sub-par reviews on Birchbox, with an average rating of 3.7/5 stars out of over 900 reviews at the time of this post. In addition, the value is pretty low since you can purchase a 119 ml bottle for only $12.
  • CoastalScents Style Eyes mini palette in Formal Eyes: Of all the mini eye shadow palette combinations that were revealed in the spoilers, this one is probably what I would likely use the most, so I appreciate that they did “correctly” select this one for me. I think it’s a great item to bring for travel, but nothing to really write home about as far as the pigmentation of the shadows, or shade.
  • Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow: For some reason, I was initially really skeptical about this product, but finally decided to use it today and it’s actually pretty nice. I didn’t even put primer on so we’ll see how it wears throughout the day. The only thing I thought was kind of weird about this was the smell, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase. It has pretty decent coverage for a BB Cream, though, so it’ll come in handy on those days where I’m running super late and just need to get out the door.
  • COOLA Cucumber Moisturizer for Face: I like Coola products, but in my opinion they are super overpriced. Though I appreciate the fact that their products almost always contain SPF, why exactly does this facial moisturizer need to have a cucumber scent? It’s like they originally planned on making a cucumber-scented body sunscreen, but then decided to change the formula halfway through, lol. Anyway, I can find use for this even if I’m not a fan of the smell, so I’ll accept it.
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Oil: I have soo many hair serums and I literally use a pea-sized amount every time I wash my hair, so these hair oils will last me multiple lifetimes. I haven’t had a chance to give this a try, but so far the reviews I’ve glanced at on Birchbox sound promising!

035 - Birchbox December

Overall, this month just wasn’t that great to me, especially compared to what I received in December’s Ipsy, which I posted about yesterday. Maybe I just simply don’t need 2 beauty subscriptions going on at the same time, but we all know that as soon as I cancel one, the other will inevitably start becoming a dud. One thing I’ve definitely noticed about Birchbox is the fragrance samples and random fragrance oils, which I have NEVER received from Ipsy.

I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve already selected the Korean beauty curated box from Birchbox for January to avoid any unpleasant surprises, so at least I know next month will definitely be better! I’m wishing everyone a great New Years Eve, and an amazing 2016!


6 thoughts on “December Birchbox

  1. I totally agree with you about the fragrance samples and oils on Birchbox. For that reason, I have been picking the whole box alternative. Haha. Great post!


  2. Like Daiana, I’ve received the BB cream and hair oil before and really likes them! The BB cream is my go to in the summer when I want something more lightweight. Hope you like them too!


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