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Europe Beauty Haul!

Hello all! I’m back from my 2 week vacation and still trying to settle into normal life. My trip to the Southern regions of Spain, France, and Italy was wonderful and I plan on sharing a lot of details about the things I did in my upcoming posts. For now, I wanted to post about the beauty items I picked up along the way traveling through these cities. Keep in mind that I only had a carry-on sized luggage, and in hindsight, I could have packed even less makeup than this; so, lesson learned.

While I was in Barcelona, I discovered the Italian cosmetic brand Kiko Milano and first purchased their Dawn Till Dusk Volume Effect Mascara and Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner. I had never heard of this brand, but they seem to have a pretty huge presence in Europe and through some further online research, I found out they also have stores in the US on the East coast. In addition, if you navigate their website correctly and go to a page where you’re able to shop in euro, they will allow you to ship your order to the US at checkout.

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I can’t rave enough about the eyeliner. It was extremely affordable and retailed for 9 euro, but better yet, the item was 50% off when I bought it because the store was having their huge Summer sale. It’s honestly very similar to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and I wore this over some eye primer, in 90+ degree weather every day, and never saw any smudging on my upper lid. Truly an amazing product for the price!

The mascara was quite good as well — my main issues with mascara tends to be clumping, and this one distributed the product evenly and was also quite affordable, at about 7 euro retail, purchased for half price.

When I was in Rome, I thought the selection of products was better than in Barcelona and in Nice, which probably makes sense considering this is an Italian brand. I found a CC Cushion compact in my shade of Warm Beige 30 and the price was unbelievable! I feel like the cheapest cushion compact I’ve found for non-Korean brands is around $30, but this one retailed for 16 euro and I purchased it for 50% off. This product was part of their 2015 Spring collection and this was my first time trying this kind of product. During my trip, I wore this sparingly and used it as a substitution for the MAC BB Cream that I brought since this also has 25 SPF. I will say that using this product without primer or staying powder will result in an oily, shiny face after a few hours (especially in hot, humid weather), but I was quite satisfied with the product and the coverage of my red spots was much better. I’ll probably gravitate towards this more in the Winter.

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This Kiko dual-ended brush seems to be a previous season’s limited edition item since I couldn’t find anything about it on the website, but I was able to find similarly packaged items from earlier this year. It has an eye shadow applicator on one end, and an eyeliner applicator on the other. I haven’t tried the brush yet, but I paid only a little over 2 euro for it so I’m pretty pleased with this and could definitely use it for travel purposes in the future.

I’m not a big purchaser of perfume, but I love trying new scents and collecting samples. My favorites are probably somewhere in between floral and fruity, with my current favorites being Chloé and Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline. I purchased this rollerball in the scent “Essential”, which has rose and cherry notes (cherry is more pronounced) and is a great night-out scent, or even for during the day if applied in a subtle manner.

Alright — Enough about Kiko Milano. I also visited some Sephoras on this trip and was really surprised to see the difference in store promotions compared to in the US. Sephora had some serious discounts, up to 70% off certain products like perfume (although none were highly sought after). I also saw one of the Marc Jacobs eye shadow palettes at over 40% off, but didn’t like the colors enough to purchase it. The one item I did purchase there was the Round Powder #120 brush, at 50% off (it was still 17 euro after the discount). I probably need to replace my existing large powder brush at some point, and just decided to purchase this on a whim.

I forgot to mention that the pug makeup pouch was also purchased on my trip, and being a pug fanatic, I absolutely had to have it 🙂 I’d love to hear if you guys have used Kiko Milano’s products before and am also curious what you think about cushion compacts. As always, thank you for reading and I’m glad to be back!


28 thoughts on “Europe Beauty Haul!

    • That’s so awesome you discovered Kiko last year. I saw a ton of that quick dry nail polish but didn’t want to buy anymore things in glass bottles which would have made my luggage even heavier, lol. Maybe I’ll attempt to order from them online sometime. Thanks so much for commenting!!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I NEED that bag! Bulgari perfumes are my weakness, their Jasmine Noir line is definitely worth trying. Looking forward to hearing how your trip was, Italy seems so lovely! 🙂


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