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Travel Essentials That Also Work for the Beach

When you travel by air to another country, so much thought goes into packing; the most suitable items to bring for what you plan on doing. If you’re like me and prefer packing as light as possible, then you need to weigh the importance of each item you’re bringing even more carefully. This is something I thought about a lot when I packed for my trip to Europe because there is so much sightseeing, beach-ing, and nightlife that it seemed daunting to pack everything I needed in 1 carry-on suitcase and 1 personal item.

While I was compiling together my travel essentials for my actual trip, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone with this post because these items, or some variation of them, are what I plan on always bringing when I travel. But, they’re also great for Summer when you’re near water, or even outside at the park.

009 - Beach Essentials - ResizedClockwise from the top left (with links to most items):

  1. Manduka 72″ eQua Towel: I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m bringing a yoga towel with me! This thing folds and flattens out so well, that it barely took up any space in my suitcase. It’s highly water absorbent, and I thought it would be great to lay on because it’s longer than most towels. I had a feeling I would either need to purchase or rent beach towels at my destination, so I decided to just be safe and bring this along. What is the other purpose? Using it to stay in shape! Nobody likes to lay or even touch a hotel floor/carpet, but this towel is long enough for me to be in plank position and do stretches, crunches, whatever I need to feel slightly less like a slob on vacation 🙂
  2. Brita Sports Water Bottle: I have spent so much money at the airport on water because it’s worth it to me when I consider the fact that staying hydrated can reduce jet lag. For this trip, I decided to purchase one of these water bottles with a built-in filter because it’s environmentally friendly and will definitely save me money in the long run. I can fill up at any drinking fountain, and then continue using this when I’ve reached my destination. .
  3. Tory Burch Sunglasses, Style Code TY6035: Alright, I’m Asian, and it’s really hard for me (and a lot of others) to find cute sunglasses that stay on and don’t touch my cheeks. I tried these on for the first time at a Sunglass Hut and could not believe how well they stayed on my nose. So I stalked the product for months and purchased these on Amazon for a steal! I’m also lusting after the navy ones because I think the blue lens color is so beautiful.
  4. Flipflops: Wear em at the beach, wear em at your hotel. ‘Nuff said
  5. J.Crew Factory Carrier Tote: This also comes in black, and I’m convinced this is a great, relatively affordable when on sale, travel tote that also works well at the beach. Some of you may prefer canvas for a more casual look, and actually, I do too, but I didn’t want to bring 2 separate bags on this vacation. This one has a stiff exterior which protected my belongings from getting damaged, has great capacity but doesn’t overwhelm you, and sturdy straps. The only knock is there are no interior pockets 😦
  6. Kindle Paperwhite: Our eyes are constantly staring at blue-light screens, so it’s nice to get a break from that. I don’t use mine nearly as much as I should, but when you’re at the beach and the sun is shining, it simply isn’t feasible to be looking at a tablet.
  7. Hand Sanitizer: Pretty self explanatory, mine is an older one from Bath and Body Works
  8. LAVANILA Sunscreen SPF 30: Before you balk at the price of this thing, which is about $40, this is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. Most sunscreens leave your skin feeling shiny or greasy, while this one leaves it feeling matte and almost powdery. The ingredients are also a lot more natural than conventional sunscreens, but I do think the price is a bit outrageous. I use the deodorant from this brand too and I’m a huge fan of that, since it contains no aluminum yet still works. Whatever brand you prefer, sunscreen is a great thing to remember bringing and applying.
  9. Snacks: Remember you can bring your own food into the airport, although be sure to check restrictions. Trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, most fresh fruit, are all fine to bring in your purse/personal item. Whenever I go on a trip, I always try to make a run to Target or something to get snacks because they are so overpriced at the airport.

I hope you guys found this post to be somewhat insightful in helping you plan your packing for your next trip, especially if it’s to a warm destination. I’m also interested in hearing what your must-haves are when you fly!


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