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Get Over Habits by Having a Plan, Big or Small

This is spur of the moment, but I really wanted to write about how Adam and I tweaked our habit of weekend planning, which resulted in some time well spent.

Many weekends for us have started with the question on Saturday and/or Sunday morning of “What do you want to do today?” Without realizing it until recently, it created last-minute pressure on both of us to come up with something worthwhile, with our ideas often being rejected back and forth because of our different moods and mindsets at that moment. Obviously those decisions on what to do in the past weren’t a big enough deal to actually impact our lives, but I think deep down we both thought there could be a better way to handle these weekends when we don’t have much going on but don’t want to feel like we’re wasting them.

This week must have been our conscious attempt at changing that. On Wednesday, we made plans to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) on Saturday (today) because the forecast said it would likely rain. Then, yesterday afternoon we decided that we would make reservations for a 9:30am breakfast for today, right before we headed to the museum since it opens at 10am.

I would like to highlight a few points from the above scenario:

Planning weekend activities during the week gives you something to look forward to. I’m all about living in the present moment, but in this case, Adam and I also didn’t have to deal with making decisions on Saturday morning.

Stick to your plan by holding yourselves accountable, which will give you that immediate sense of accomplishment. We didn’t simply agree on getting breakfast this morning. We made an actual reservation that we would have felt (kind of) badly about if we didn’t show up for it 🙂 Case in point: I woke up today at 8:30am and was only able to pull myself out of bed out of sheer obligation. And what was I able to enjoy? This awesome breakfast from here, and no crowds at the museum.

002 - Brunch - Resized

The sophistication of our brain can become a detriment without us even realizing it, so we need to make an effort to get out of our comfort zone. Prior to today, I had only been to the MIA once for a special exhibit. I always forget that it’s a legitimate museum and admission is basically free. You’d think I would have been here a handful of times especially considering how awesome indoor activities can be in extreme temperatures! In the past when Adam and I would be driving around town trying to figure out something to do, I remember him mentioning going to MIA on multiple occasions, but I always said “no”, because it would be lame, time consuming, hard to find parking – Any excuse I could think of, because I didn’t feel like going at that particular time. The unfortunate thing is that eventually, I believed the reasons I previously made up. When Adam brought up going to the MIA on Wednesday, was I super excited for it? Admittedly, no. But at least I knew it would be happening, and I went semi-begrudgingly, and it turned out to be a great experience! Now I want to go there with everyone 🙂

We all get into habits, often times without realizing, but I don’t think it hurts to change things up! I hope you were able to take away something from this to apply to your own life. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, and as always, thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Get Over Habits by Having a Plan, Big or Small

  1. Haha Ted and I are always planning last minute, and I hate it. Your approach above is very helpful. Also, the breakfast items look amazing!!


  2. I completely agree with this post. My boyfriend and I would just wait until the weekend to make plans and then when half the day was over finally decide– and sometimes it’s too late.
    Now we plan out meals as well, so we know what we’re going to eat for the whole week on Sunday which helps with shopping and not eating as much fast food!




    • Ahh, meals have been a struggle for us for a long time. We used to eat out so much, but became more disciplined about cooking through planning because it’s so much easier to be motivated about making something when you don’t need to run to the store for ingredients 🙂


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